Kilfinane, Co. Limerick

Acrobatic Clown

The Amazing Acrobatic Clown

The aim of our project was to show the children an example of centre of gravity.

Our materials were paper clown template, colours, scissors and paper clips.

The method was to cut out the clown out from the template and colour in. We tried to balance the clown on our fingers…..we couldn’t!

Then we got some paper clips and tried attaching them to the clowns arms. We had to try this a few times experimenting with where to place the paper clips and how many to attach. Most of us found that by attaching 4 paper clips ( 2 to each arm) we could then balance the clowns on our fingers.

The result was when you lower the centre of gravity by attaching paper clips to the clown, you could balance the clown .The conclusion was that it was a successful experiment and we loved it!

We used various amounts of paperclips to act as weights. We also found that we had to have equal amount of clips on opposite sides to ensure the even distribution of weight.

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