Active School Flag

Active School Flag

An Active School is a school where physical activity is valued, promoted and enjoyed by all. These are the goals of the Active School Flag initiative:

Scoil Fhionáin Active School Flag
  • PROMOTE physical activity in a FUN, positive and inclusive way
  • INCENTIVISE schools to engage in a process self-reflection, action planning and collaboration at whole school level
  • SUPPORT schools to identify strategies to energise the school day and to reduce sedentary time
  • ENCOURAGE schools to strengthen their PE programmes and to promote physical literacy
  • PROVIDE students with voice, space, influence and audience to participate in the decision-making process of their school
  • EMPOWER schools to develop, and strengthen partnerships, with parents, local and national organisations
  • GENERATE a support network for schools where best practice, innovation and successful initiatives are showcased, affirmed and shared
  • GUIDE schools to create their own specific roadmap for sustained physical activity practices
  • COLLABORATE with schools, national organisations and expert groups to ensure that ASF continues to deliver benefits to schools
Scoil Fhionáin Active School Flag

Active School Flag promotes physical activity in a FUN, positive and inclusive way.

To encourage members of the school community to enjoy physical activity more, ASF asks schools to move their focus away from sport towards physical activity, and away from competition towards participation.

Being active is an important indicator of wellbeing. Physical activity opportunities during school can help students develop friendships and feel ‘more connected’ with their school community. They can also help to build positive classroom environments and improve student/teacher relationships.

Meet our new members of The Active School Team who will help us earn a new flag for our school by encouraging others to keep a healthy mind and body through exercise and healthy habits. Our team have helped out with improving our yard time with new balls, french skipping ropes, regular skipping ropes and so much more! Last year we organised gymnastics for our school which was so much fun. This year we will see rugby starting and we can’t wait for all the fun to begin! Keep an eye out for pictures of what we get up to!

Our school loves to get involved with all things GAA! Here is a picture of our victorious hurling team who won the shield in Scoil Pól with one of our hurling heroes David Reidy! Scoil Fhionáin abú!