Maths and Numeracy at Scoil Fhionain

In Junior Infants, the children will learn to read, write and add with the numbers 0-5. Other strands on the curriculum include:

  • Shape and Space
  • Measures (such as capacity, length and weight)
  • Patterns
  • Sorting Objects
  • Numeracy Games (on interactive whiteboard)
  • In our school we do a block of 6 weeks maths stations where support teachers come in and the class is taught in smaller groups for a more hands on approach to new mathematical concepts
  • We also use the programmes Ready Set Go Maths and Mata sa Rang
Maths and Numeracy at Scoil Fhionain

Mata sa Rang

Mata sa Rang is a classroom-based early intervention programme aimed at raising children’s competency in the various aspects of the number strand. It offers a unique approach to extending children’s number knowledge, understanding and strategies.

The programme provides a framework for individual, group or class-based instruction, which is suitable not only for pupils who are experiencing difficulties but also for average and more able children.
By using the strategies of Mata sa Rang, children learn through the use of concrete materials and simple games. They are encouraged to think hard, discuss and solve problems.

Ready Set Go Maths

This is a hands-on approach to learning mathematical concepts in the infant classroom. Its emphasis is not only on the practical approach but also on the use of language to explain what we are doing & why!