Kilfinane, Co. Limerick

Transport of The Future

We were delighted to partake in a workshop with Rediscovery Centre on their STEM & Sustainability Project. The free education workshops for schools encourage learners to get excited and engaged with STEM. These workshops explore a societal challenge related to sustainability and use STEM thinking and hands-on activities to examine and solve that problem.

We chose to do the “Transport for the Future” Workshop:
which explores transport and the impacts of transport
on people, the planet and the economy, and
introduces students to sustainability and sustainable
transport. During the workshop, students will look how
STEM can provide solutions for sustainable transport for the future. The workshop features a range of hands-on activities to explore sustainable transport.

Patrick Hickey was our facilitator for the day and the children absolutely loved him. He was extremely engaging and kept us thinking the whole time. We planned and designed our vehicles with many ideas including solar powered and wind powered cars. A hovercraft invention was also being explored! The children loved getting to grips and putting their design into reality by making models using recyclable materials.

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